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Single moms , young kids & Repurposed reinveted reimagined furniture pieces

For the single moms and their young kids that are interested we like to teach them about repurposing reinventing and reimagining a furniture piece.  Sometimes a piece they repurpose can be sold and create much needed cash for their family. The type piece I start them on depends on their interest and ability. For the novices that have never stepped into the world of making something different than it was manufactured to be, I will start them out on something easier like repairing and painting a simple piece like an old dresser or sewing machine cabinet. They get introduced to a hammer and glue bottle as they make minor repairs to the piece.  Yep sometimes I teach them how to hold and use a hammer , how to apply glue and wipe off the excess . I have found that some single moms and their young kids have never held a paintbrush, so for them lessons start fairly basic, you know things like ” always brush with the grain of the wood ”  and ” don’t put too much paint on your brush ” , ” be careful not to leave runs ” .   All the while a little satisfactory smile makes its way across my face as I watch them enjoy learning something new .  Its a blast to see how their faces light up as the piece starts taking on a new life.

It sounds fun cause it is fun.