Let me give you a little insight and history about us.

My sweetheart and I met in high school, I was a senior and she a sophomore. We were married 2 days after my sweetheart graduated from high school . That has been quite a few years ago.

So you ask, how in the world did we find ourselves encouraging single moms , their young kids and being concerned for hurting individuals ? Great question !

Here is a very brief summary .

My sweetheart was raised by a single mom and our daughter along with her young son ( our grandson ) lived with us for 9 years . We are all too familiar with the struggles faced by single moms and their young kids . God used these experiences and our cancer battle to create within us a desire to encourage single moms, their young kids and other hurting individuals.

If you have a heart for encouraging single moms ,their young kids and other hurting individuals we would like to talk with you.

Until then.