When it comes to mentoring single moms and their young kids ,what my sweetheart and I have done and are still doing is not rocket science. We have just made ourselves available for Jesus to use us as a means to show His love to them. We do have a few pointers ,suggestions and ideas you may want to keep in mind .

Mentoring may include sharing how you got thru the hard circumstances in your life and validating the single mom by listening to her, letting her know she is important.  Often steps like these will result in the single mom’s self esteem being strengthened and putting her on a forward path toward progress, in-turn positively impacting the lives of her children.

There is such a need for couples , individuals, groups and churches to step up and invest some of your time, some of your life into the lives of single mothers and their young kids. The need is staggering.  It’s the love of Jesus Christ working through us that makes such a positive difference in the lives of single moms and their young kids , the kind of difference that could have a very long lasting effect and possibly impact future generations.

We are eager to talk with you individually or in a group setting about the big impact you can make in the lives of single moms and their young kids.

Please consider getting involved.

I’m looking forward to talking with you.

Until then.