At Farmstead Ranch along with normal ranchin’ activity we are also curators and purveyors of Farm & Ranch, Rustic and Reinvented Decor.  Proceeds will go to encourage single moms,  their young kids  and other hurting individuals with the love of Jesus Christ.

Farmstead Ranch is not an us thing, it’s a Jesus thing. It is and will always be about others.  What Farmstead Ranch becomes is solely up to Jesus and it is He that deserves all the honor glory and praise.

We want to let single moms, their young kids and other hurting individuals know just how much Jesus really really loves them, by showing them unconditional love and letting them know that we are on their side.

We are working toward a larger place in the country , an agricultural setting that will offer a brief respite from the chaos and strife that many single moms , their young kids and other hurting individuals live in 24/7.    A place where young kids can be kids, helping feed the chickens, gather eggs, mess with the animals and enjoy themselves,  moms  and other hurting individuals can rest and be encouraged.     Plans also include programs to help encourage positive personal development .

Proceeds from the sale of items shown on our site will go to help make this country dream come true for single moms , their young kids and other hurting individuals.

We know that what we are endeavoring to do is much bigger than us so we are totally trusting in Jesus to bring it about if it lines up with His plans. If you would like to help in some way please contact us, we would like to talk with you.

In case you are needing a shot of encouragement , here are a few verses to consider :

Psalm 27: 13-14      I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Wait for the Lord , be strong and let your heart take courage, Yes wait for the Lord.

Until then.